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Label Addition: Possession Demonic – 3 Track Promo

Possession Demonic coverartPossession Demonic is a brand new 2-piece project from the UK containing a subtle mix of Powerviolence/Black Metal/Grindcore & Doom, and may even be categorised as Possession Core if you like? This release is for the first 3 track demo/promo (recorded on a very dated Yamaha MT3X 4 track tape recorder) which is available on the Exhilarate Records distro as a limited mail order CDR and also on the label page as a free download.

Here is a youtube video of the first track on the demo to give you a taste of the band:

Don’t forget to get your copy of the mail order CDR from the ER Distro, or check out the label page for a free digital MP3 downloadable version.

Free Download



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