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Label Addition: Meinfure-Mu – Zero One Discography

Meinfure-Mu - Zero One Discography coverartHere is something a bit different entirely. If you’re into your IDM/Breakcore/Glitch/Chip-Tune style of electronic music with a kinky fetish twist then grab the free download of the Meinfure-Mu – Zero One Discography on the label page, which features over an hour and half of music which is planned for a 97 minute cassette  (available for purchase from the store  soon).

The name Meinfure-Mu comes from the Japanese word for Mainframe and the music explores themes such as robotics, computers, electronics and fetish. After featuring on the Noise Noise compilation – Beatageddon, and creating several now barely existent digital releases (one of which contained audio voice samples from New Orleans Dominatrix Mistress Malice) this release brings together all previous work onto one release.

Download Discography


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