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Label Addition: Deerstalker/Sloth Hammer Split

Deerstalker/Sloth Hammer Split artworkIt’s been awhile since this place had any movement, but here is something new and solely a digital release for free download at the moment. For anyone who appreciates Sludge/Drone/Doom/Noise type affairs with a lo-fi sound then check out this Leeds based split between two fairly recent bands: Deerstalker and Sloth Hammer. Deerstalker is a two-piece with their side recorded entirely on a Yamaha MT4X 4-Track. Sloth Hammer started as a two-piece mixing together distorted basslines as well as circuit bent electronics. This band has since developed with the addition of live drumming, duel vocals. This split is available through this website but also through Newcastle Based distro (who originally posted it up I believe) Tombs in the Valley Productions.



Possession Demonic: New Promo CDR On It’s Way

You may have had a chance to check out the first PxDx promo, which came last year and is still free to download or purchase for a pound from this site. If not be sure to have a look around for it. PxDx are a two-piece from Leeds started up last year with the early promo as the first demonstration. This time round the sound is a bit more powerviolence at the centre but still has a fair few blackened riffs scattered around. You can hear the first rough mix of the demo below (CDRs and Mp3’s will follow shortley, check back):

Distro Addition: The Afternoon Gentlemen/OSK Split 7″

The Afternoon Gentlemen/OSK split 7" artworkThe latest split 7″ from Leeds booze fuelled Powerviolence/Grindcore act The Afternoon Gentlemen, and tight-as-fuck, Canadian, thrashing Powerviolence OSK split has now been added to the Exhilarate Records distro for the small price of £3.00. This 7″ was just a small run of 500 of which many went overseas so grab these if you can from wherever you can, you won’t be dissapointed.


Label Addition: Meinfure-Mu – Zero One Discography

Meinfure-Mu - Zero One Discography coverartHere is something a bit different entirely. If you’re into your IDM/Breakcore/Glitch/Chip-Tune style of electronic music with a kinky fetish twist then grab the free download of the Meinfure-Mu – Zero One Discography on the label page, which features over an hour and half of music which is planned for a 97 minute cassette  (available for purchase from the store  soon).

The name Meinfure-Mu comes from the Japanese word for Mainframe and the music explores themes such as robotics, computers, electronics and fetish. After featuring on the Noise Noise compilation – Beatageddon, and creating several now barely existent digital releases (one of which contained audio voice samples from New Orleans Dominatrix Mistress Malice) this release brings together all previous work onto one release.

Download Discography

Label Addition: Possession Demonic – 3 Track Promo

Possession Demonic coverartPossession Demonic is a brand new 2-piece project from the UK containing a subtle mix of Powerviolence/Black Metal/Grindcore & Doom, and may even be categorised as Possession Core if you like? This release is for the first 3 track demo/promo (recorded on a very dated Yamaha MT3X 4 track tape recorder) which is available on the Exhilarate Records distro as a limited mail order CDR and also on the label page as a free download.

Here is a youtube video of the first track on the demo to give you a taste of the band:

Don’t forget to get your copy of the mail order CDR from the ER Distro, or check out the label page for a free digital MP3 downloadable version.

Free Download


Distro Addition: Spider Kitten – Rats from a Sinking Ship

Spider Kiteen - Rats from a Sinking Ship coverartThe Spider Kitten – Rats from a Sinking Ship (EP) is now available on the Exhilarate Records distro. A Cardiff/Newport and Bristol based abrasive droning experiment – Spider Kitten have an extensive discography of music behind them, this was a 2009 released EP which brings an eerie sonic soundscape to the ears which will leave your ear drums in need of dusting due to the dirty rustic bass sounds knocking about here.